Online Training Course

This online training course encourages you to test the scope of your own NQ as a youth worker and reflect on your connection to nature. The course consists of five parts, with some reflection questions at the end of each part. You can skip some of the tasks or do them in your own order, there is no need for you to follow our logic. Create your own learning path and enjoy!

We recommend that, before you start this online course, you first check the publications page on this website. Here you find a Practice Brief which gives a comprehensive overview of the theoretical and practical foundations of the NQ concept. These foundations are described in more detail in the full reports of the Theoretical Framework and the Manual for Youth Workers.

We also recommend that you start this course by doing a self-test to discover making your own Nature Intelligence profile.

Let’s go! By clicking on one of the buttons below you an start the online training in your language of choice.