your own Nature Intelligence profile


Curious to learn more about your own Nature Intelligence? On this page you can download a paper-and-pencil version of the NQ-36. This questionnaire, especially designed for people 16-30 years old, helps you to gain more insight in your NQ profile. The questionnaire consists of 36 statements, which may apply more or less to you. Using the instructions you can calculate your score in each of the four domains of NQ and in each of the 12 competencies. With this profile, you can identify which NQ domain and competencies you have most developed, and where there is potential for growth.

Paper-and-pencil test

The paper-and-pencil version of the NQ test is currently available in three languages: English, Italian, and Dutch.

Online test

Sorry folks – there is currently only one on-line version of the NQ test. In Dutch. Created by Studium Generale Utrecht. Click here or on the image to take the test. And get instant feedback on your NQ profile!