Sustainable green Europe

in which all young people are environmentally active, educated and able to make a difference in their everyday lives – is one of the main youth goals.

To answer this, young people need to develop a sense of nature connectedness, which means they become more aware of their impact on the environment, and they include nature as part of their identity.

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Relationship with nature

A new concept called Nature intelligence

Our results will serve this purpose, by focusing on how youth workers, trainers and youth organisations can develop nature connectedness and promote nature intelligence in young people. Based on the inputs of the theoretical framework and on the current practices and experiences of the project partners, the publication we will create will include a needs assessment tool that youth workers can use to identify the nature intelligence competences and innovative strategies, methods, and tools to support young people in nurturing their gratitude and respect towards nature and in developing their environmental citizenship.

The same publication with its strategies, methods, tools, and practices, will also serve as the base for the creation of a pilot training, combining online self-paced and on-site learning, that aims at testing the resonance and outcomes of the identified tools.

The publication will also include selected embodied routines that can support the daily practices of the persons targeted by the pilot course. This will guarantee access to the resources also after the project ends, thus making the learning more sustainable.

The publication will be available in English free of charge and easily downloadable from our website.

Our project outputs

In our first product, we aim to lay a solid theoretical foundation for this brand-new concept of Nature Intelligence. We will bring together scientific knowledge, insights from experienced youth workers and the thoughts and perceptions of young people.

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After exploration of the topic of nature intelligence and creating the curriculum we would like to send these outcomes out to the world, so that they can serve the wider public. We will organise testing residential course with the first group of youth workers, who would like to develop their competences in promoting and facilitating nature intelligence development in their communities.

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Our past experiences changed the way we learn, that is why we decided to develop an online training course for all of you who cannot be present on our residential training course or you want to learn your own way. We are currently developing the concept of nature intelligence in youth work and when we do, our next step is to develop a residential training course.

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