Nature Intelligence (NQ)



Anatta Foundation

The Anatta Foundation is a non-governmental organisation that focuses on a better connection between people and nature to create more psychological well-being, to get more respect for nature and to work on a ‘sustainable mindset’. We are inspired by ideas from Positive Psychology and various nature-based approaches. In Erasmus+ the foundation enjoys working with young people with a disability and other vulnerable youth groups. The foundation is the lead partner in this Erasmus+ project.



Since 2004 we promote group nature-based programs addressed to young people. Through experiential learning outdoor activities, we involve them in challenging and adventurous activities in nature during which they are involved at a physical, emotional, sensorial and cognitive level with the aim of increasing awareness about themselves, the others and the context around them. The intention of our programs is to further explore the connection between nature and the inner world of young people, as an important means to discover their nature in the nature. By doing this they strengthen their strengths, gain self-confidence, grow a sense of self-worth and nurture their sensitivity and appreciation towards nature. We are among the founder members of the informal network “International Academy of Experiential Education”, that has been researching on experiential learning as an innovative and holistic methodology for personal and professional. We are also among the founder members of the Adventure Therapy network in Europe, aiming at supporting young people in finding more effective coping mechanisms and discovering and unleashing their potential.


Čia Čekija – Natural Spirit

Since 2004 we work with young people with difficult socio-economic backgrounds, with the aim to support them in finding their place in the world, developing needed competencies. Since 2013 we also focus on youth-workers, social workers, teachers, and guides. We teach mainly through community and nature-based methods, in cooperation with the Natural Spirit platform. We learn from old teachings from different cultures all over the world, looking for the universal essence and developing around it methods, techniques and activities, which are accessible and useful in present-day society.


Ambitia Institute

In our work, we always strive to encourage young people to develop and cultivate their own innovative ideas and their own skills and competencies. We encourage young people to learn in a cohesive way with an emphasis on sustainable values. Learning is not just the domain of youth, so we also devote a lot of time to our own learning of new learning approaches and methods, so that we can improve the learning environment and learning experience of participants in all our programs. We use the curiosity and creativity of young people to individualize their learning experience.


IVN Environmental education

IVN Environmental education is committed to connect people and nature. Our aim is to let people of all ages experience how fun, healthy, and important nature is. Providing people with impactful nature experiences is an important aspect of our vision. We hope to raise consciousness about nature to achieve behavioural change towards nature. We believe education is key to preserve and protect nature. We do this together with our 160 professionals, 26 000 members and 170 volunteer departments by organizing nature activities, courses, projects, and campaigns.