Some people seem to possess a natural, almost innate, connectedness to nature.

Other people might develop such qualities later in life. And others yet, will never fully experience a strong bond with nature in their entire lives. What determines this relationship? Is it intellectual, emotional, or even spiritual? Is it measurable so we can compare individuals or cultures? And is it indeed an innate quality or can it be nurtured and brought to blooming, specifically in childhood and adolescence?

In order to dive into these (and more) questions, our partnership will focus on a new concept called
Nature intelligence.

Together we will break the grounds around this apparent faculty of human nature, of which many of us intuitively suspect, exists. In the first part we will attempt to formalize the concept and link it to existing scientific literature and to field experiences of the partners. By constructing this framework Nature Intelligence might be added as a new form of intelligence which is objective and measurable, as is already the case for Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Intellectual Intelligence (IQ).

The next step is to materialize the conceptual framework into the youth work of the partner organizations. Together we will work on a methodology to test the concept in real life. We will do this in the field together with participating youth that partake in nature activities in the several countries we represent.

We will share our findings through publications and events.