Friday Learning

Friday Learning

by Bego Gomez



Chloe Grey had always loved amazing Zaragoza with its beautiful green parks. It was a place where she felt peaceful and relaxed.

She was a virtuous pianist. Her friends saw her as a tall, tame teacher. Once, she had even revived a dying nature with her music. That’s the sort of woman she was …

Chloe walked over to the window and reflected on her magical surroundings. The sun shone while she was petting her dogs.

Then she saw something in the distance or rather someone. It was the figure of Laura Gobble. Laura was like a mountain with long legs and strong arms. Every Friday, she came with her children, ready to spend the afternoon with Chloe, listening to amazing stories and sharing their love for nature.

Laura’s children had grown up in the urban environment, but not for this reason, they were not ready to love, understand and feel nature. They looked at both women, ready to listen to interesting and amazing stories which were part of their favourite weekend activities. Narrated stories were magical for them since they could listen to them while enjoying piano music and adorable birds singing the beat.

Chloe started to play the piano, and Laura started talking about “Learning” that weekend. Life is not just a community-building phenomenon but also a learning miracle. Plants have learned how to arrange their branches at the exact geometric angle, allowing each leaf to absorb the greatest amount of sunlight.

Our finger bones or phalanges represent this same mathematical ratio, allowing the hand to integrate the part with the whole and to open and close in the most efficient, smart way.

Children started to have a look to some plants inside Chloe’s home and discovered this geometry, as well as look at their own fingers, measuring them, even joking about and “decorating” them.

Collaboration, education, and renewal are not only part of life’s evolutionary model; in our time of environmental crisis, they are the deepest qualities of nature we can intentionally draw upon to construct an energetic world with a flourishing future.

Like the philosophers of the Renaissance, who saw the world as a garden, we could once again learn to emotionally cultivate the natural world rather than just exploit it.

In this responsibility, we could resourcefully participate in the development of all life and help bring back nature’s beauty, abundance, and strength where it may have been lost.


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