Connecting with Nature through Fairy Tales

Connecting with Nature through Fairy Tales

by Bego Gomez


Abstract Telling stories to children that make them connect with nature offers a number of significant benefits. It fosters a love and respect for nature, as stories that highlight the beauty and importance of nature help children develop a deep enjoyment for the natural world around them. This can lead to increased environmental sensitivity and a desire to protect and preserve the environment.


Telling stories to children that make them connect with nature offers a number of significant benefits.

It fosters a love and respect for nature, as stories that highlight the beauty and importance of nature help children develop a deep enjoyment for the natural world around them. This can lead to increased environmental sensitivity and a desire to protect and preserve the environment.

Storytelling involves elements of nature, such as animals, plants, and landscapes, encouraging children’s imagination and creativity, as well as giving them the opportunity to explore imaginary worlds and develop critical thinking skills while visualizing the scenes described in the story.

Telling stories can help to promote emotional well-being among children, since some stories can present nature as a place of beauty, tranquillity, and harmony, which may have a calming effect on children, helping them reduce stress and anxiety.

Empathy and compassion can be also fostered while featuring animal characters or natural situations which may teach children important lessons about empathy and compassion. Through stories, children can learn to put themselves in the shoes of other living beings and understand their needs and emotions.

It encourages care for the environment. Stories that highlight the importance of caring for and protecting the environment can inspire children to take action to preserve nature in real life. By identifying with the characters and situations in the stories, children can be motivated to adopt sustainable behaviours and contribute to the well-being of the planet.

storytelling that makes children connect with nature is not only a way to entertain them, but also a valuable opportunity to educate them, inspire them, and promote a greater love and respect for the natural world.




It is true, fairy tales are a fundamental part of the childhood of many people around the world. From classics like “Cinderella,” “Sleeping Beauty” and “Snow White” to lesser known, but equally enchanting stories, fairy tales have captured the imagination of generations.

Not only do these stories entertain, but they also transmit important lessons about life, love, friendship, and courage. They often feature characters who face difficult challenges and trials, but who find the strength and wisdom to overcome them.

Additionally, fairy tales often include elements of magic, fantasy, and wonder, making them a form of escapism for readers of all ages. They transport us to imaginary worlds where dreams come true and where anything is possible.

Even though we have grown up, the allure of fairy tales is still powerful. Although we can now appreciate them from a more mature perspective, we still retain the affection and nostalgia for those stories that transported us to magical places during our childhood. And often, we find ways to reinterpret those classic tales to fit our current lives and experiences.

What if Charles Perrault lived in the 21st century; it is likely that he would have adapted his famous fairy tales to reflect the values, challenges, and technologies of the modern age, and very probable that he adapted his classic tales to reflect technological advances, contemporary values, and the challenges of modern society.


In our blog, we are going to dedicate a well-deserved tribute to the author of these fairy tales that have been part of our lives and that we continue to pass on to future generations, with re-imaginings of what some of their stories would be like today. We are sure these new versions will be able to inspire readers to reflect on critical issues such as gender equality, environmental sustainability, and the power of technology for positive change.



In a quiet village surrounded by grassy forests and green meadows, a young woman named Rosalía lived, affectionately known as “Little Green Riding Hood” for her love and connection with nature.

Rosalia not only walked among the trees, but embraced them tenderly, whispering secrets to them and listening to their whispers in response. Every flower, every leaf, every creature in the forest was his friend and confidant.

One day, as the sun filtered through the branches of the trees, Rosalía’s mother asked her to bring a basket of fresh fruits and vegetables to her grandfather who lived on the other side of the forest. With a smile, Rosalía gladly accepted the task and went into the forest, filling the air with her melodious laughter.

As she walked along the winding path, Rosalia stopped to watch the birds singing happy tunes and the squirrels playing in the trees. Every creature greeted her with joy, and Rosalia responded with a kind gesture and a word of affection.

Suddenly, among the trees, a cunning wolf appeared, but instead of feeling afraid, Rosalia calmly approached. The wolf, surprised by the courage and serenity of the young woman, told her that he was hungry and lost in the forest. With compassion, Rosalía shared some of the fruits and vegetables in her basket with the wolf, who gratefully showed her the shortest way to her grandfather’s house.

Following the wolf’s directions, Rosalía arrived at her grandfather’s cozy cabin, where they shared a meal made with the ingredients that nature had generously provided them. Meanwhile, the wolf, having found food and friendship, set off for the forest in search of a new home.

From that day on, Rosalía continued to explore the forest, sharing her love and respect for nature with everyone she met along the way. And while the wolf would always be a part of her story, she learned that even in the wildest of natures, love and friendship can flourish.



In the not-too-distant future, in a city where nature struggled to find its place between skyscrapers and technology, a young girl named Cinderella lived. Raised by her stepmother, a successful entrepreneur in the tech industry, Cinderella spent her days among wires and devices, but her heart longed for the freshness of forests and the purity of streams.

Cinderella found relief in her improvised laboratory in the garage of her home, where she experimented with green technology and eco-friendly devices. He dreamed of a world where nature and technology could coexist in harmony, where technological advances could be used to protect and preserve the environment.

One day, while working on a project to create a smart water-conserving irrigation system, she received an invitation to her stepmother’s annual company ball. Although she had no interest in attending an event full of people obsessed with the latest technology, a mysterious AI she had secretly developed suggested that it could be an opportunity to promote her ideas about sustainability.

With the help of her AI, Cinderella created a high-tech dress made from recycled materials and adorned with LED lights that flickered to the beat of the music. On her feet, she wore shoes with soles that generated energy from movement, thus powering her mobile phone and other electronic devices.

Arriving at the ball, Cinderella captured everyone’s attention with her innovative dress and unique take on the future of technology. In the crowd, she met the prince, a young entrepreneur with a passion for environmental conservation. Together, they shared ideas on how technology could be used to protect nature and create a more sustainable world.

However, when the clock struck midnight, Cinderella had to run away before her stepmother discovered her secret. In her speed, she left behind one of her energy shoes, which the prince found the next day.

Determined to find the mysterious young woman, the prince organized an event for all the women in the city to try out the energy shoe. When it was finally Cinderella’s turn, the shoe fitted her foot perfectly, revealing her identity.

The prince, impressed by Cinderella’s vision and commitment to green technology, offered her a place by his side not only as his wife, but also as his partner in the fight for a more sustainable future. Together, they worked to develop technologies that would protect the environment and promote nature conservation.

And so, Cinderella found her successful conclusion, not only in the love of the prince, but also in the accomplishment of her dreams of uniting technology and love of nature to create a better world for future generations. And in every innovation that helped preserve the environment, their love endured forever.



In a town where technology and nature coexisted in unusual ways, there lived a young man named Tom Thumb. Unlike the traditional tale, Tom Thumb did not carry breadcrumbs with him, but a smartphone loaded with social media apps and a passion for environmental conservation.

Tom Thumb was a social media influencer, known for documenting his love of nature through inspirational photos, videos, and posts. From mountains to rivers, Tom Thumb explored every corner of the natural world around him, sharing its beauty and importance with his followers.


One day, while exploring a nearby forest, Tom Thumb came across a group of ancient trees that were scheduled to be cut down to make way for urban development. Horrified by the thought of losing this precious forest, Tom Thumb turned to his followers on social media for help.

With the help of his growing online community, Tom Thumb organized a campaign to save the forest, sharing photos and videos of the area and highlighting its importance to the local ecosystem. His message resonated on social media, attracting the attention of environmental activists, community leaders, and the media.

As the campaign gained momentum, Tom Thumb and his supporters engaged in direct action to protect the forest, organizing peaceful protests, and raising funds to buy the land and turn it into a protected area.

Thanks to the power of social media and Tom Thumb’s passion for nature, the forest was saved and turned into a sanctuary for wildlife. Tom Thumb became a symbol of hope for his community and an inspiration to all those seeking to protect the environment.

Tom Thumb continued to use his social media platform to promote environmental conservation, sharing stories and tips on how to live more sustainably and respectfully with nature. His love for the environment had not only saved a forest, but also inspired others to follow in his footsteps and protect the natural world we all share. And so, Tom Thumb proved that, with determination and the power of online connection, anything is possible.


In a contemporary city, where concern for the environment was on the rise, there lived an intelligent and cunning stray cat named Simon, known as “the Ecological Cat”. Simon was not only known for his ability to get food and shelter on the streets, but also for his commitment to protecting the environment.

One day, while wandering the streets of the city in search of food, Simon came across a nearby forest that was being threatened by illegal logging and pollution. Alarmed by what he saw, he decided to take action to protect the forest and its inhabitants.

Using his wits and cunning, Simon reached out to the forest’s inhabitants, including animals and plants, and proposed that they work together to save his home. He convened a meeting where they produced a plan to clear the forest, plant new trees, and educate the community about the importance of protecting the environment.

With the help of his forest friends and some human volunteers, Simon led a series of clean-up and reforestation activities in the area. They organized clean-up days, planted native trees, and created ecological trails for people to enjoy the forest responsibly.

News of the efforts of Simon and his forest friends quickly spread through the city, inspiring others to join their cause. Soon, the forest became a symbol of hope and renewal, and the people of the community were committed to protecting and preserving the environment for future generations.

As time went on, Simon became a respected leader in the community, proving that even a small stray cat could make a significant difference in the fight to protect the environment. And although he never wore boots, his footprints were left in the woods as a reminder of the power of teamwork and dedication to a noble cause.



In a Kingdom where technology and magic were intertwined in astonishing ways, there lived a princess named Aurora, affectionately known as Digital Sleeping Beauty. From birth, Aurora was destined for a peculiar fate: instead of being bewitched by a dream spell, she was trapped in a state of digital hibernation by a malicious computer virus that infected the castle’s security system.

The kingdom, desperate to find a solution, turned to the most skilled and talented hackers in the digital world. However, none were able to break through the cybernetic barriers that kept Aurora in her digital dream. Until one day, a young hacker named Erik ventured into the Enchanted Forest, a place where nature and magic flowed in harmony.

Erik, inspired by the beauty and serenity of the forest, began to observe patterns and connections between technology and the nature around him. With his deep knowledge of computers and his respect for the power of nature, Erik devised a plan to unlock the castle’s security system and free Aurora from her digital slumber.

Using the most advanced hacking skills and a special connection to the natural energy of the forest, Erik worked tirelessly to infiltrate the system and unravel the codes that kept it closed. Every step he took was guided by the wisdom of the forest and the strength of his determination.

Finally, after weeks of arduous work, Erik managed to unlock the castle’s security system and gain access to the chamber where Aurora was trapped in her digital dream. With a touch of cyber magic, Erik managed to disable the virus and awaken Aurora from her long slumber.

Aurora opened her eyes to meet the young hacker who had achieved the impossible. With a grateful smile, he thanked Erik for his bravery and skill, and together they walked out of the castle into the sunlight shining through the trees of the Enchanted Forest.

From that day on, Erik and Aurora became allies in the fight against the dark forces that threatened the security of the kingdom, combining the power of technology and magic with respect and love for nature. And while the Enchanted Forest remained their refuge and source of inspiration, their union proved that even in the digital world, love and nature could triumph over adversity.

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