Let’s live Christmas Nature

Let’s live Christmas Nature

by Bego Gomez



December is here: winter solstice with many legends around Christmas and nature can be shared with family and friends. Do you know?

December is here: winter solstice with many legends around Christmas and nature can be shared with family and friends. Do you know………………?

1.- One of the biggest owls, the tawny owls create their breeding grounds during the longer winter nights, and it is very possible to hear their ‘twit-twoo’ at this time of year, which is actually the “Kewick” call from the female Tawny owl followed by the ‘Hoo, hoo-hoo-hoo’ male reply…If you see an owl, you are lucky! Being visited by an owl or seeing an owl usually means you need to listen to your intuition and inner knowledge. If you face an owl, it’s best to ask your angels, guides, or higher self which messages are being sent to you.



2.- An ancient legend tells the reason for the existence of the robin, a beautiful bird with a crimson breast. Apparently, the origin has to do with the birth of the baby Jesus.

According to this Christmas legend, the Virgin Mary was resting next to her newborn son. It was cold, and they were both warmed by a small fire that the owner of the hostel had lit in the crib. But the fire was going out, and Saint Joseph decided to leave the portal in search of more firewood to fan the flames.

The Virgin Mary noticed that her son was beginning to feel cold, and she did not know how to stoke the bonfire without leaving him alone. So, she started to ask for help… First, she asked the ox, but the animal was so fast asleep, that she couldn’t wake up…. She then tried to ask the mule for help, but it was exhausted from the trip they had made to Bethlehem… She asked the rooster for help, who was crowing and didn’t even hear her. …

But suddenly, when she was already desperate, she heard the sweet chirping of a little bird.

– Hey! Birdie! Could you help me bring sticks to stoke the fire? My son is very cold …

The bird was very sorry and flew to its nest. He began to tear off the sticks and took them to the Virgin Mary. When she had finished with the nest, she realized that they were slow to burn, and began to flap her wings vigorously. The flare then was so intense that the bird’s chest and part of its face were burned. Even so, and despite the pain, he continued to flap his wings so that the baby Jesus would not be cold.

The Virgin Mary, moved, upon seeing the red spot on the bird’s chest, decided to call it ‘robin’, which means ‘Red Breast’.

And so it was that from that day on all the descendants of the little bird created a new species, which reminds us of this beautiful gesture of generosity and kindness.


NQ team wish you all Merry Christmas, full of days where you can find beauty in nature even in wintertime, and a Very Happy New Year, when all of us can take the opportunity to create a sustainable world for every generation that will follow us.



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